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Our second annual Mogadishu Mile Event is coming up! This is going to be an improvement on our 2016 offering with a longer course, scored events and prizes for the top teams.

As most of us know, October 3rd and 4th marks the 24th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, the loss of 18 US Servicemen, the downing of 2 UH-64 Blackhawk Helicopters and the capture of one of the pilots.

We can't put you in that gunfight.
But what we can do is offer a shooting event that is not only enjoyable and motivating, but is physically and mentally taxing as well.

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September 30th

Membership has it's privileges. This is nothing like your typical civilian training command. NCRT is more focused on building a perpetual cycle of training and development into your life rather than dumping a bulk of information into your head over a single 8 hour course and hoping you go home and use the tools you were given.

Our members come back month after month, and most come to us with a high level of skills already built. Combat vets and law enforcement officers gravitate to us because through our style of team building and constant training, we are able to train at a level you just can't pay to participate in through publicly available training. At NCRT, you're not just a student, a client or a customer. You become a member of a team.

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